nama dia kenpachi,tolong bg dia makan ye.. :)

kenpachi comel,bg dia mkn okay :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

nothing much happen today.
but yesterday smone that i didnt except want to see me.
suspen aku npe die nk jmpe aku.
mase jmpe baru aku thu npe.
die rsaukn bnde yg same aku rsaukn.
about 2 hours we talk together..
only god knows..
god,please help your servant here..
only god decide what happen next..
may god take care of her.
i just do what i can do for her.
i just can wait and hoping..=,(

Monday, March 29, 2010


its been 3 weeks im not update.
so much things happen in past a few weeks.
may god bless u.
i tryin' to see the good things in life.
but good things in life are hard to find.
but im not giving up.for someone.
try to see the brightside here.
maybe god want me to understand smthing here.
hope i will get smthing from all what happen to me.
just god know how i feel.
feel like i've never felt before.
its very hard and very difficult for me to thru all this.
im waiting a my sunshine rise again.
but i just dont know when it will come back to me.

only god know.........

Saturday, March 6, 2010

da dekat seminggu aku xkeje..
ape laa nk jad ngn aku..
harap2 kej yg aku apply ni dpt..
kalo x trpakse la aku cari keje laen..
life is getting hard for me..hmm
dear god,please show me a right path...