nama dia kenpachi,tolong bg dia makan ye.. :)

kenpachi comel,bg dia mkn okay :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

last night im standing alone on the field,
seeing a full moon and stars,
they so beautifull,
beautifull as you are,
and wondering what you do,
and where you are,
so quiet between you and me,
no one want to push a button,
i know im the one who afraid with my own shadow,
but im the one also want to have you,
even i couldnt do it but i've still tryin',
and im not givin' up,
even you put me out from your picture,
for me,you are my biggest picture,
standing with me to thru this life,
just one thing i wish,
you and me standing beside each other,
feeling what yours and what i felt,
i just have keep fighting,
keep going and be strong,
because my life with you means everythings,
just think in what position am i,
and i realized im just the outsider,
been left in the middle of road,
very dark and got nothing to do,
im sitting and crying,
crying all over my life,
no one comes and get me up,
feel so cold and out of breath,
so painfull,
maybe this is my karma,
my path,
i need you,
i know what in your pure heart,
spread it out and make it out,
how long you want to keep it like that,
only god know how painfull this is,
so just cut the rope and make a move,
my door been open for so long,
waiting to catch your hand,
and live the life,
i'll make it like a walk to remember,
to make our life meaningfull and cheerfull,
im waiting for you right now,
but only god knows,
god know how much i love you..
the rest of my life...~~

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  1. so sweet.r u sure u're nt copy paste frm anywhere?ehe