nama dia kenpachi,tolong bg dia makan ye.. :)

kenpachi comel,bg dia mkn okay :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

hoping and praying

are we still have a chance?
are we meant to be together?
are we ready?
am i your soulmate?
am i can get you back?
am i not good enough?
am i so typical for u?..
am i over react?

so much questions running in my head..
so confused..
only god can decide all of this..
only i can do just hoping and praying..

praying that we can back like always before..
when the sweetest moment we had been together..
oh,so miss that moment..
dear god......
bring her come back to my life..
the only one that i loved..
only her can makes me smile again..
i need u right now..

im waiting for u..~
merah syg kuning....

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