nama dia kenpachi,tolong bg dia makan ye.. :)

kenpachi comel,bg dia mkn okay :)

Monday, May 3, 2010


i think i've see you yesterday..
and i also think that you seeing me too..
if you think he better than me,
can make you haapy than i'll do,
can take care you as much as i'll do,
can company you no matter what,
facing anythings just for you,
can love you like i'll love you so,
i'm glad if he does..
and i except that you leave me for a good reason..
but if he close to you for his own goodness,
i promise with the name of ALLAH,
i will make him suffer for the rest of his life..
god knows how much i'll care about you..
even you already leave me..
i can see but cant touch..
please dont judge me by a outside of myself..
but all over myself..
my hope with you never end..
and i wont give up easily..
im know myself and i know what i want..
please dear,think about it..~

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  1. gler xleh blah.ehe.hmm..puitis gak ko nih kn sharul.sedih pn ade gak aku bce.wish dat i can be strong as u did.