nama dia kenpachi,tolong bg dia makan ye.. :)

kenpachi comel,bg dia mkn okay :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

thing still remain the same~~

i never to doubt you..
i really think this is the end..
the end of our story..
i really cant save the music from out of the box...
i cant..because i not the one..
the one for you...
honestly i depressed with your decision...
i hope you know what the hell you do..
i dont think you had to do this...
because things arent never change...
just cut the loose please..
even not for me,just do it for yourself..
please...just dont..
for god sake,im begging to you..
there is other way..but not this shit one..
really disapointed..
its really happen right..
im out from your picture right?

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